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Basic guitar chords (acoustic) question?
so I just bought an acoustic guitar and i'm self teaching. I know theres caged which is like 5 basic notes and theres major and minor of those. So what exactly is the difference between major and minor? and for each note is there like, major, minor, and regular? for example, minor E, major E, and just E? if not when it says to play E, do i play a major or minor ? Another question is can someone send me like a link to a tutorial where they say which fingers to put on which frets and strings to play each note. I can't read guitar notes.. So yeah, answer away! :)Guitar chords to timing is everything from country strong?
the garrett hedlund song. I want to know the guitar chordsGuitar chords for Down by Jason Walker?
I can't seem to find simple chords for this song ! I can't play any Bs, and please, no F#m and crapWriting a guitar solo from chords..?
I am making my first song on guitar and I have everything done except the solo.. My song's chord progression is E, D, A, E, (each chord takes 4 seconds then switches to the next)and by my knowledge id say it' in the Key of E? So.. to write a solo do I just have to stay in the Key of E or do I have to switch to the Key of D as it changes every 4 seconds to the next chord, then 4 seconds later to the Key of A, etc, etc..? also.. depending on the answer to the qusetion above, i might have a small part of my solo but i was wondering.. If I am supposed to be in the Key of E, does that mean I can play any "E" scale I want to? ranging from majors, minors, pentatonics, dorian, etc.. and any notes in that scale will work? any tips are appreciatedWhere can i find guitar chords for music on the internet?
I wanna learn like eminem songs on my guitar but i dont know what website would be best can u help m.

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