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Play Guitar with The Kinks TAB Music Book/Play-Along CD 60s Pop
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How to play guitar chords?
ive been playing guitar since i was 9, im now 13 and im doing grade 4 in the summer. I've always done classical guitar though, all on my acoustic and ive only ever used one or two chords. my guitar teacher is away for a few weeks so i can't ask him, and he'll probably want to concentrate on my grading. so, seems as im grade 4 standard at classical guitar, i'm good at Reading music, and i pick stuff up quickly i was wondering is there a easy way to play chords? i love nevershoutnever and i would LOVE to be able to play along, so should i just keep practicing and going over them?Music to play guitar along to?
I'm looking for albums to play my guitar along to (I find playing along to music helps me learn more). I'm fairly decent, even tough I've only been playing for about 6 months. I have an extensive music background, but mainly in the classical genre. I'm looking for albums that won't require me to retune my guitar every other song. I have a capo, so let me know if the album you're recommending requires it. I know some of you will say just use the capo instead of retuning, but some capo placements if key was to be replicated by tuning would break my strings. To give you an example of what kind of level I'm at, here's a list of albums I can play flawlessly. Nirvana "unplugged MTV" Counting crows "August and Everything After" Tom Petty "greatest hits" The Cranberries "everybody else is doing it.." I'm not picky about what kind of music, I'll play hardcore death metal as long as I don't have to adjust the tuners every other song ..but please offer a variety of suggestions.How do you play guitar chords on piano?
Mainly i look up guitar chords and i can play them on piano, but the strumming patterns confuse me really bad. I dont know how many times to play the chord and at what tempoPlaying guitar chords?
Im, new at guitar but i can plays most major and minor chords. However reading tabs and all that is confusing. Go on this link for linkin park numb chords: You see the gap from Em to C chords in the first sentence , does that mean I have to play the Em chord nonstop until i reach 'me to' you' and then switched to C chord? Or Do i play the Em chord once? Sorry if it is a bit confusingStrumming pattens and playing chords (guitars)?
i can play the chords to songs but i don't understand how the strumming pattens work. When i play the chords it doesn't sound right, my friend said it's your strumming pattern. Help me I'm trying to play Hero by Enrique Iglesia.

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