guitar chords pattern

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Does Anyone know good guitar chord patterns?
I write music and I need good chord patterns-Collide by Howie Day has a good one but i want one not directly from a song-Email me w/ questions at [email protected] Chord pattern advice?
Well im learning guitar and have been going on ulitmate guitar tabs to learn some new songs, but i always see chords randomly on top of the words, i know how to play the chords but i dont understand what pattern yu should use because it is not very distinguished, please give me some tips! :)What are some guitar chord patterns that sound good together?
I just wrote a song about a break up (The guy ends up being a jerk so the girl is leaving him). Any patterns for guitar that give that kind of sound? Thnx!Guitar chords and strumming pattern .?
plzzz tell me the strumming pattern of song "somebody that i used to know" by 'gotye' ..plzzz help .and chords also plzz plzzz plzzz Irish guitar chords?
what are some irish sounding guitar chords. and strummin pattern.

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