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How are guitar chords named?
I've seen lots and lots of chords but I can never work out what they are unless I use some web application or text book reference. Take Am for example, what note associated with that chord makes it an Am? What theory is involved when naming a chord? Thanks in advance, this question has been bugging me for ages.How to read guitar chord names?
I'm a pianist trying to read notations for guitar chords. Chords like Asus2, Asus2/F#, Dsus2, Bmadd11, are totally puzzling to me. What do "sus", "add" mean? Is there any website I can go to, to find out these things?What are these guitar chord names?
I am capo-ed on the third fret and the tabulature would read: E 0 0 (thickest) A 3 2 D 2 2 G 0 0 B 3 3 e 3 3 (High e string) They are like , variations of a G major chord, just changing fingers on top notes. Thanks!Haow are guitar chords named?
I know there's like F, G, D, A, etc cords but why are they named like that? What does the letter mean?What Is This Guitar Chord Name?
If I'm playing an open G chord with a capo on the first fret, what's that technical name for that chord? Not relative to the capo.

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