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The Basic of Guitar Chord Charts
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Guitar chord, major or minor?
I have had to teach myself guitar. My understanding of the general chord progression; Major / - / Major / - / Minor / Major ( / = Fret ) then it repeats itself, but you get an extra two frets this time around! I always thought after the minor it would be another minor, but that sounds wrong as well ( major / - / major / - / minor / - / minor ?). Could anyone explain to me what should happen here?Please give me the construction notes of guitar chords major and minor?
for example construction of c chord is c,e,gWhat is the symbol for minor and major guitar chords?
What is the symbol for minor and major guitar chords? #? m? Which ones?What major guitar chord includes the A minor chord?
I am trying to write a song and have a great bit set up with an A minor chord but can't get it to flow into the next piece, what major chord include the A minor? Thanks for the tip, what I am trying to do is turn a song that I have started into a full piece my first few lines are written out using A minor but I cannot seem to find a chord to blend with it to continue the songAll guitar chords in E minor?
ok, so the thing is that the way I learned guitar is by sheet music, and the thing is that I need to learn 3 songs all in the key of Em, but when i try seeing how to play the song on paper, they have the music written in I,IV,V, ect. type format, but i never learned to read music like that, and i cant find out how to play those notes in that form, can someone help me with letting me know all chords in E minor but telling me in different formats.

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