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Song lyrics with guitar chords for Hawaiian Wedding Song - Andy Williams, 1959
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How do you add guitar chords to lyrics?
i have lots of lyrics that i wrote, but i have no idea how to add guitar to it! help me please? Re: Guitar chords and song lyrics~?
Can someone give me a web address where it is "relatively simple" to navigate to find guitar chords and song lyrics for various songs? I seem to have to surf for quite awhile to "finally" get the guitar chords/lyrics to any song. For example: I find the various web sites, but once I click on that site I am taken to many places besides the simple place of finding the song with the lyrics and guitar chords. Thanks! :)How do I write good guitar chords to match lyrics?
And also what are some good chord progressions and/or plucking patterns?How to put guitar chords to my lyrics?
So I wrote a song, I have a melody for it, I know exactly how I want the strumming to be. Problem is, I need chords. How can I find out what chords to use??? Also, how do I find the key my song is in???Need help with guitar chords and lyrics for James Morrison/'You Make it Real' please.?
I know a few basic chords. Can anyone help me put some simple guitar chords together for this song, Id like to sing it for a friends wedding. thank you.

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