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beginner lessons guitar chord guide : GUITAR LESSONS ATLANTA
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Guitar lessons?
what is the best virtual guitar lesson website if you don't even know what chords are?Guitar Lessons?
I'm starting to give guitar lessons pretty soon. I'm an intermediate/advanced guitarist (I've been playing 2 years, but I practice alot) and I've gotten about 5 people who want me to teach them how to play. I've came up with a pretty good teaching method in my opinion, by combining the way I learned with stuff that I had wished I did in the beginning. I need some imput though. 1. How much should I charge for a half hour lesson 2. What are some easy songs that I can start people off with (I have a pretty good list, need some more though)Guitar Lessons?
Are they worth it? Could you just as easily teach yourself guitar? What is better?Guitar Lessons?
Ok, I want to get in guitar lessons, but my mom says they are too much money, does anybody know in t]Texas, the Dallas/Fort Worth area, were there is cheap guitar lessons? Please help me!!Which guitar lesson book includes beginer , intermediate &advanced?
i need help w/ a complete guitar guide thanks lol.

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