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F# Guitar Chords from
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Guitar chord F?
Is there an easier way of playing this rather than having a bar? I've been playing guitar for 4 years, but only just started playing music with proper chords.Changing guitar chords into Piano Keys?
if u changed guitar chords to piano keys wld they sounds quite similar? and what wld the piano keys be for A7, D and A.? THANKS LOADS!! :DGuitar chords???? key:E??
what does it mean if the song's key is E or any other letter?How do i transpose keys on the piano to guitar chords?
kk so im writing a song and i need to transpose the keys from piano into guitar chords (the piano notes are D#,F#,B,Bb), so if anyone knows any websites to help or if they already know how that would be really helpful.What does the Key of F# mean? Help on Guitar.?
So I am new to becoming a musician. I am just learning to play guitar. Now I know how to do the chords but I dont get how to do sharp and flats. I only know majors and minors. So in this song I am learning it says Key:F# Capo 1 - Play F. Chords Dm7 Bb F C So does this mean that for example I would just place a capo the first fret and play the four chords regularly just like how they are tabed like for example Dm7 x-x-0-2-1-1? Or would I have to switch them up. Can you please help me? ooops Wrong sectionn. hah oh well? anybody know.

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