guitar chords key of c

C Diminished Guitar Chord Diagrams
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Is there a formula that translates guitar chords to piano keys?
Im trying to find a way that can change guitar chords to piano keys or vice versaIf I play a song with chords in the key of C, but I put the capo on the 4th fret, what key am I now in?
I am playing a song on my guitar with chords in the key of C, but my capo is on the 4th fret. I need to know what key I am in now since the capo is on. Please help! :) all the chords in the song are C G Am and FMusic:- Key of C Question- Guitar?
Ok I learned myself guitar, thats why im asking the Question :), Does it matter what chords i start of with in the key of c, Cause my Chords Progressions Are (Am, C, Emin) Is that still classes as the key of c??Help with Guitar Keys/Chords?
So i understand how chords relate to keys because when you map out the 1-7 notes for C with the WWHWWWH pattern you get C D E F G A B so then you can apply the maj,min,min,maj,maj,min,diminshed pattern to get C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, and Bdim but what about all the sixth seventh, maj 7, maj 9, aug, sus2, sus4, m7, m9, add9, 9sus4, etcccccc the list goes on and on chords? When in the key of C can you play a C7 can you play an Am7 can you play a Fsus4 etc etc. Can someone explain for me? Thanks in advance o and whats the difference between 7 chords and maj7 chords? that should have said what is the difference between min7 maj7 and 7 chordsAcoustic guitar songs without C chord?
Are there any song I could play on the acoustic guitar that don't involve the C chord.

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