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How I learned my chords - long and boring
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Is there a formula that translates guitar chords to piano keys?
Im trying to find a way that can change guitar chords to piano keys or vice versaChanging guitar chords into Piano Keys?
if u changed guitar chords to piano keys wld they sounds quite similar? and what wld the piano keys be for A7, D and A.? THANKS LOADS!! :DGuitar chords???? key:E??
what does it mean if the song's key is E or any other letter?A question about guitars, chords, and 'keys'?
Hey, I am wondering how you know which chords to play when you are in a certain Key. For example, if you are in A minor, how could I find out which chords to use? Also, if you are playing E Phrygian or any of the other modes, how can you find out which scales are relative to it? Thanks!What guitar chords belong to what key signature?
I just need a list of chords belonging to each key. A list, not a big long article describing key signatures and scales. A list of chords belonging to each key.

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