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14 Ways To Improvise Over Major Guitar Chords
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Guitar chord improvisation.?
Hey everyone. I've been playing the guitar for about 1 year. I know a pretty good number of chords and I can play songs if I see the chords. I started playing in church however, and this requires improvisation and I'm just having so much trouble getting the right chords. I really want to know how I can get better because in all honesty it's kinda frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :) Hey, thanks for all the answers. They were all great advice, so choosing the best was tough haha. I will keep practising and doing my best. :)Guitar Improvisation?
I always see guitarists improvising mindlessly and don't have to stop and think where the next note is. It come natural. So I was wondering if someone could please tell me what I can do to attain the same skills? I've heard it involves memorizing scales, although I'm not sure. P.S. I do not understand music theory and the accompanying lingo, so please be gentle :-) Thanks!Guitar improvisation?
i've been learning guitar (not had lessons), been using online guides/videos and friends. i tried to start improv, but was just wondering. to me it sounds fine with a jam track. but after i take it away, it sounds crap. is this normal? i'm guessing it sounds good with the jam track because the jam track carries me, or something like that. i'm not too worried about it atm, just started trying improve, so hopefully will get better with time. cheers for the answers guys, both answered my question, but Gtarczars was more indepth. thanks to both of you, hearing two people say the same thing helps alot :DGuitar improvisation?
What do i need to do to improvise on guitar? Like using riffs and runs, and chords altogether. I find jazz/blues chords interesting with a fast paced strumming. Ex:Justin King - Phunkdified. Something with that kind of feel. Im not at the point of finger tapping, but maybe riffs with a unique sounding chord progression. Any help? I know pentatonic scales, i just dont know which key, where to start, stuff like that. Pleasee help, i wanna be able to play around with the guitar instead of playing chords to songs only.Guitar improvisation ?
Hello so here's the thing : i am a guitarist (average level) but i am learning by myself so technique is getting better unfortunately i suck at theory! but i really really want to improve soloing skills mainly improv so can anyone explain briefly what the theory behind it is or give some useful links perhaps? here is what i know and do : let's say a song is in C maj i take the pentatonic maj scale(only one i know for the moment) and try to improvise with it is that right ? Thanks a lot.

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