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I need to learn guitar chords ?
Is there a pretty good site to show me chords in a picture or something and maybe let me here and here is a link to all the chord i need to learn its the 2nd verse to "All these things that i've done" by The Killers: sorry forgot to say thanks in ad.What is the best book that has guitar chord charts for beginners?
Like guitar chords for dummies or something please help!!!!!!!!! :DHelp with easier guitar chords?
I'm in our high school's jazz band, and I play guitar (obviously) and so far most the music I play is just rhythm and chords, but there are some weird chords. I was wondering since I'm just beginning are there any other chords I can 'substitute' in the song and have it still sound good? The chords I don't like are the thirteenths, and yeah mainly that, but if you know any other chords that may come up later it'd be great if you suggested those and their simpler friends too:) I'm very comfortable with all kinds of seventh chords (barre chords) minors and majors, pretty good with ninth chords, and decent with sixth chords. I don't even care about the really weird ones like Eb+7(#9), which was one on my music, like for example, I'll just play an Eb7 (e flat seventh) instead:) Thanks a lot!Online guitar guide - chords..?
does anyone know of a good guide online (or a good comprehensive book I could buy) illustrating the chord transitions and related chords - for example: G/Em, C/Am - like the "chord wheel" thing ( but that would also go into the 6, 7 chords etc also - I guess I'm trying to find a good resource for chord theory studies for guitar - online or to purchas (for not all that much $ hopefully)Guitar barre chords help?
I've been trying to learn barre chords on my guitar but I'm having trouble getting a clear sound and changing positions on the neck quickly. I've practised for a while but I'm still not getting a clear sound on my acoustic electric guitar but on my smaller, classical guitar I've managed to get quite a clear sound (I think this is because the strings are softer). How can I get a clearer sound on my other guitar? Thanks :.

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