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Left handed chord diagrams?
I have just taken up the guitar and I am really struggling with chord diagrams because they are the wrong way round can any one tell me where to find left handed ones I only want the basic chords like e,a,c,d and g.Right handed playing left hand guitar?
Hey, I've been have a lot if trouble with barre chords on my guitar. A few minutes ago I flipped my right handed guitar around (just to be stupid) and tried playing Bmin in reverse. I found it a lot easier to move my fingers into position and actually play the chord, it felt much more natural. Does anyone have a reason for this? I am a bit ambidextrous- I prefer doing some things with my left hand and can write just as well with either hand. This might be a bit of a stupid thing to ask, and maybe I'm rambling on, but I was just curious xD Thanks! :)Can you teach me the guitar chords Please?
i'm 14 and i just bought a new guitar ( Yamaha )! and every time i go to to learn how to play a song on a guitar , they say stuff like : D major or something . i don't get it , i think it's called chords , can u please teach me it , THXTricks For Playing Guitar With Short Fingers/Small Hands??
So, my hands are on the small end average for a girl my size. I've been learning/playing off and on for about five months using the Rocksmith game. Last month I had my choir retreat and I played the accompaniment for myself and my best friend for the "No Talent" Show. Both songs had bar F chords. I had trouble getting my finger flat on the strings and play the other notes. I tried wrapping my thumb around the top but couldn't reach it and play all the noted. And there is my where my hands come into play. Look at anyone's hand flat and see their pinkies reaches the line for the last knuckle on their ring finger. My pinkies are only half way between the second and last knuckle. Are there any particular techniques for someone with small-average hands and dwarf pinkies?Im a left handed person and i want to learn guitar.?
Hi, yesterday I bought my first guitar (electric) and I also bought a book to teach myself. I find it VERY difficult to learn from the book because I'm left handed and to learn I have to flip all the notes the other way I looked online and I can't find any left handed guitar lessons. I really want to learn how to play guitar but if I don't find any left handed lessons I think I will return my guitar back. Do you know any websites or books for left handed people? Please help me I really want to learn how to play guitar. Thanks I also can't play right handed guitar because it feels very uncomfortable.

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