guitar chords gm

Guitar Chord : Gm6
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Questions & Answers :

Guitar chords that sound like Gm?
I'm playing a song with a few Gm chords in it. I can't yet cover three strings with my first finger, so what is a chord that sounds similar?What guitar chord in Gm?
is Gm g minor or g major and how do u play this chord on an acoustic guitar very confused so all answers are welcome thank you very much xxGuitar Chords??????????????
How come the F and G minor chords are the same?How to play guitar chords?
i want to know the method to play all guitar chords Am and A Bm and B Cm and C Dm and D Em and E Fm and F Gm and G thx!!Easy Guitar Chords to make into a love song.?
I want to write my girl friend a love song for our up coming anniversary and I need a little help with the sound. I can write the lyrics fine I just need the music to put it to them. If anyone can help me out with some easy guitar chords I will be very grateful..

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Guitar Chord : Gm6

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