guitar chords for beginners

Mister-Asbun: 7 Beginner Guitar Chords to Know
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How to learn guitar chords for beginners?
I've been trying to learn guitar for about 2 years off and on but can never really learn chords. Ive looked at the charts and stuff but don't know where to start since i only know like two chords and im a beginner.Guitar Chords for Beginners? * read details*?
Okay so i just started playing guitar. And so far i know 3 chords : E Minor , C Major , G7. And the chords online were kinda confusing me, so i got someone to write it out for me to explain it like this E Minor - Two Fret 5 & 4, C Major - One Fret 2 , Two Fret 4, Three Fret 5 G7 - One Fret 1 , Two Fret 5, Three Fret 6 Like just the fret number, then the string number. Beginner chords please (: Thank You for your time , = )!How to read guitar chords? (Absolute beginner)?
How do you read guitar chords from TAB sheets? I could tell which fingers we should use and which strings we should place them on, but how would I know which part of the neck I should be pressing? Thanks~Help with some guitar chords for a beginner?
I'm learning to play this: but I have never played guitar before. I am replacing most of the b's foe E's, because it sounds better and I don't know how to play the c#m or B you can click the box to "show chord diagrams" but I don't get it: This one B e ---|-o-|---|---|---| B ---|---|---|-x-|---| G ---|---|---|-x-|---| D ---|---|---|-x-|---| A ---|-x-|---|---|---| E ---|-o-|---|---|---| (what is with the o's?) Someone told me it means you lay your finger down and push all of the strings between the two o's, but then it is impossible to push any other straings cause my hand can't strach that far. I don't get this one wither for the same reason: C#M 4 fr. e -x-|---|---|---|---| B ---|-x-|---|---|---| G ---|---|-x-|---|---| D ---|---|-x-|---|---| A -x-|---|---|---|---| E -o-|---|---|---|---|Guitar Chord Chart ( Beginner )?
im just learning how to play the guitar and i wanna learn the simple chords E, G, B, D, F i learned how to play the Clarinet in grade school for around 5 years and i know how to read notes and everything but now im learning the guitar i know barley nothing and i just wanna start off with the basics ? ? pictures or anything please help !! and no smart remarks please thank.

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