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Basic Guitar Chords Finger Placement Chart : - The Hippest Pics
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FREE Online Acoustic Guitar Lesson For Beginners?
Anyone know of any good online sites for free Acoustic Guitar lessons? I am a beginner sooo. Any sites for beginners would be good. Thanks!Guitar: Barre Chord Trouble?
I'm learning barre chords now at my guitar lesson. Wow I was told to practice the F and b flat barre chords. I have trouble though. It hurts first of all. But also, my fingers won't stay straight, they bend backwards like I'm double jointed in my fingers. Also, my fingers are thin. So, are there any tips on hand placement, finger strengthening exercises, or anything else?Is there any electric guitar chords book for beginners (download for free )?
hi i just want a book which would have chords for beginners i mean i wanna see how to put my fingers so make the guitar sound good ,,,, so if there any chords with the pic / shape that would be great . btw if those chords would be for punk rock music it would be amazing ! cause that's what i want to learn :) any pdf file i can buy books from music shop but they have noting to do with what i want thx so much i hope u got me lol cause my english sucks a bit lolFinger placement for Gchord on guitar?
I've just started guitar lessons, I'm about one step up from beginner level. I've always played the G chord with 1st (index) finger on the A-string, 2nd on the low E-string, and 3rd on the high E-string. My teacher thinks this is bad finger form, and is trying to get me to do: 2nd on the A-string, third on the low E-string and 4th on the high E-string. I have small hands and this is friggin HARD for me! I am willing to train myself to do this if it's really the best way, but the other way is SO much easier. Is my teacher right, that in the long run I'll be better off playing G his way, because it will be easier to switch to other chords?How do you know what chords are on guitar sheet music?
I have a beginner's guitar book that has sheet music and guitar chord charts on it. The thing teaches you which notes are which and how to play them. For example it shows that the high F on the staff is made by playing the first fret of the first string (smallest one). This is shown with a single note on that line of sheet music. This example goes all the way to the fourth string D, all show with single notes on the staff. Then it gets into chords and I get lost. It shows a G chord in the format played like this (tabs): e--3 B--0 G--0 D--0 A--2 E--3 But the same note on the staff line is a single G note. Now, my question is, what about the sheet music that shows stacked notes? How are these played? For example if I see a G and high E notes stacked, what chord is tat? How do I play that? This book does not teach about stacked notes on the staff.

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