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Gallery For u0026gt; Am Chord Guitar Finger Position
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Guitar chord finger placement question?
How do you arrange your fingers if your trying to play a chord that says to hold down the same fret on strings right next to each other? Like for example if it says to use the 4th fret on the E and G string? They're right next to each other and from what i was told u need to have ur fingers right near the fret bar to play a note. Im trying to place my fingers but i just cant seem to do it. i'm cing a lot of tabs from with chords like this. Could someone explain to me what im supposed to do to accomplish these chords or know of videos that explain this. ive tried searching around not none of them explain what to do in this kind of situation. if you still dont know what im talking about look at this link look at the chorus it says to play the d and a on the fourth fret how the freak? and something else in the intro it says to play at least one thing on every string. we only have 5 fingersGuitar chord/tab finger placement chart?
I am super super super novice. Like, literally, i picked up the guitar today and looked at my dad's guitar chord chart and managed to play some easy ones. I have 2 questions, 1st) How do you play tabs? I don't understand them like this one E-x---x----x---x--| B-x---x----x---x--| G-x---x----x---x--| D-5---12---8---15-| A-5---12---8---15-| E-3---10---6---13-| 2nd) Is there a chart online where i can see people placing their fingers on the chords so i can get the jist of how to play some of these?On a guitar, are there 2 versions of the G major chord, regarding finger placement?
I have seen two versions that are very similar but one uses only 3 fingers, the other uses four. I am wondering which one is right, and why. Does it just depend on preference? The four finger major is 2-1-open-open-3-4 and the other one is 2-1-open-open-open-3. I looked on google and saw both versions labelled "G major," so I am confused. Thanks for the help.G chord help?
i have recently started play guitar teaching my self its going good i can change chords easily but i have diffulty changing fast on the G chord any tipsOpen Question: Guitar chords/finger placement = Ukulele chords/finger placement?
Ive found that the chord C on a guitar is the same as the chord F on a ukulele.. Chord D is the same as chord G on a uke and finally a guitar chord Em is the same as a uke Am.. I was hoping for somebody to tell me the ukulele s equivalent to a guitar A and D.

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