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Someone please explain guitar chords!!?
I'm trying really hard to learn guitar properly but I don't understand all this tech jargon.I know major chords. I'm learning barre chords. Please tell me some theory in layman's terms.Can some please explain this .guitar chords?
chords used: G D Em C e|--3-- --2-- ----- ----- -----| B|----- --3-- ----- --1-- -----| G|----- --2-- ----- ----- -----| D|----- ----- --2-- --2-- -----| A|--2-- ----- --2-- --3-- -----| E|--3-- ----- ----- ----- -----| intro: e|----3-------2-------0------0----| B|-----0----3--3-----3-3----3-3---| G|---0--0----2--2-------0--0---0--| D|--0----0-0-----0--2-----2-------| A|-----------------2-----3--------| E|-3--------------0---------------| i have no idea what the numbers mean .Help me explaining those guitar chords?
Hi, I just started playing guitar. I'm a beginner. Well, I would like to learn this tune and looked up the chords for it which is Am, C, G and F. It sounds fine. Then I looked for the guitar version on youtube and saw this guy who plays the same chords but on other frets, I don't understand this system, can someone help explaining this to me?? The video is here: ThanksCan someone explain to me these Guitar chords?
It says:All chords are open chords. Play the root note of each chord, then pick the three below that, ascending and descending. So how would you play an Em?Can someone please help explain guitar chord progressions to me?
I want to practice playing them. I googled it and found some webpages but it's going over my head, so I thought maybe if an "actual human" tried to explain it to me, I might get it better. I've only been practicing the guitar for 2 days so, total beginner.

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