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Guitar chords in key of em (natural) : Youtube Guitar Lessons
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Why does Dm guitar chord sound higher than Em?
Shouldn't it be other way around? I mean, E comes after D rite?????How to read guitar chords and play em?
ok i'm trying to learn this song call Seishun Kyosokyoku the problem is i can only read tabs and not chords In the begining of the song it's starts out w/ a Gmaj7 the and there's this websites that shows chords but there's it's got like 5 different pictures of that chord any ideas? here's the link for the pic. chords?
Hey guys i've been playing guitar for a bit and i was just wondering if anyone knew any chords that all sounded really good together, please give me as many combinations as you can.Songs With the guitar chords, D, G, Em, Am,A, and only 3 fingered chords, Plz Read Description for details?
teaching guitar to my friend and wanna use songs she likes to incourage her, she likes one direction, justin bieber, justin timberleg she knows Em, and i wanna teach her more but she complains her fingers hurt I'm kinda making her learn guitar because i'm in a band and she sings and our other guitarist ditched us cuz she thought it was lame but i thought if she had a song she liked shed be more enthusiastic, and work harder. I write my own songs so as long as i use the simple chords for hers we should be good for the talent show in September, but i wanna win so we are starting now. BTW witch band name is better, Star Influence or Starred Wolf Eye, Neon Flags, Neon Clouds, Misery Crushers, or Alarming Action. I know they all sorta suck but we have to choose one and we won't use any of your ideasBasic Guitar Chords!!?
I want to learn the basic guitar chords! i tried to look online but they keep giving me different kinds! Can you tell me to basic guitar chords. ( Em, Am, C etc.) It would be a lot of help! Thanks! BASIC remember :D i want to learn the chords before i get a guitar. :.

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