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How to go from Eb to F (Guitar Chords)?
hey im having a little trouble learning a song on guitar see my school band teacher wants me to play guitar on "Wild Thing" I pretty much got everything down, nexcept for one part where it goes: Eb F Eb F F (x2). it goes kind of fast and i cant switch chords in time, because the Eb i know if a few frets away from F if anyone can help mne with tips or anything it would be greatly appreciated p.s. : chords, not notesHow do you play guitar chords with a Eb/ in front of them?
And this question goes for a lot of different chords. For example, in this music I have for Jazz band, I have a Eb/G that I have to play. My more musically inclined friend explained it more to me, but he didn't know how to play the chord on guitar only piano. So can anyone brush up my music theory on how exactly to play it? Or can they lead me to a sight where I can find the chord charts for them? Or, is it possible for me to just play the G part of it and not the Eb and it will still sound alright? Here are the chords I need to play: Eb/G, Fm/Bb, Fm7/Bb, Eb2/G, F/A, Bb/D, Eb/C, Eb/Bb, Eb/D, G/B, Gm7/C, F2/A, C/E, F/D, F/C In no order. The song is a jazz rendition of "Man in the Mirror", by Michael Jackson.Guitar chord help? Eb minor?
Hi, alright i'm playing a song that involves an Ebm chord, and i don't know why I just can't play it my hands just won't move that way is there a chord that sounds really similar but maybe has an easier fingering? It's not a major chord in the song it's just played twice during the song so maybe i can get away with it being a little different? By the way, the song i'm playing is Lady Grinning Soul by David Bowie - Any advice would really be appreciated! The rest of the song i've been able to play it's just that one chord and it messes up the whole song when i'm like yeahhh gonna skip that part.What are the notes in guitar chords?
What are the notes in guitar chords Eb add2, Bb, and F/A?Please give me a good guitar chord substitute for Eb {e flat} i'm kinda having a hard time playing that chord!?
im kinda having a hard time playing that chord so yeah..know any good subs? i mean, chords that sounds like eflat too, but a little easier to play.

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