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Questions & Answers :

What can i use to harmonize with a D major guitar bar chord?
i am writing a song and in the last verse i have a d major and i would like to know what i can play on guitar to harmonize with it please helpGuitar chords - keys. (Maj, min, min, maj,maj,min,dim)?
Are guitar chords that are named with out major or minor (G, D, C, etc.) considered to be a major or minor chord? I'm really confused!Is it possible to play d major on acoustic guitar?
is it possible to play d major on acoustic guitar, if so what chords are they and where can i find the website with info?C major guitar chord?
want my c major guitar chord to sound higher?B major chord on guitar?
I am watching this video: The first chord he does is a B major. On the piano this typically B, Eb, and Gb. The guitar is so confusing. He plays it around the 9th fret. All the chord charts I've seen stay at the top. How do you play chords at a higher fret? Also he says he is playing it in the E position. Is he using E as the root so its inverted? I am not sure what that means.

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