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Questions & Answers :

What does the chord Bm7 look like on guitar?
I've trying to figure out what the chord Bm7 looks like I'm teaching myself how to play guitar but the internet always has way different answers and its kinda irritating! Any help as to explaining where my fingers are placed when playing the chord???Can someone explain me the bm7 chord in a guitar.?
I don't understand the theory behind it. I just know the chord ( bar on the 2nd fret with d# and f# notes). But a 7th chord should have a 7major note right And barring on the 2nd fret, we'll get E note on the d string which is not a note in the b scale. Can someone explain why a note which is not in the scale used in a chord??Guitar chord help needed?
Hey learning to play the guitar and come across these chords, Bm7, Dsus4, Cadd9. What do the Bm, Dsus and Cadd stand for/ what do they mean?What Is This Guitar Chord?
|--------2---------| |--------3---------| |--------4---------| |--------4---------| |-------------------| |-------------------| I Learned, Why Does It Always Rain On Me - Travis And This Chord Was In It. I Dont Know What It's Called And It Was Bothering Me. It Doesn't Really Matter I Suppose, But It's Annoying. (: I Dont Think It Is Aminor Cause Its The Bridge And The Bridge Is Just That Note And D. And The Verse Is Am And D And They Sound Completely Different. Thankyou! (:Bm Chord help - guitar?
How do you play it. Is there more than one way because I have seen a few versions. In my books it say place your index finger on the second bar but on sites like this (look below) its says you place your index finger on the first bar. I'm confused, please help me out. Can you also suggest some easier ways to play this chord because I'm finding it difficult. thanks.

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