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Bass Guitar Chord diagrams for: B Minor
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Questions & Answers :

What is the inverted guitar chord to a Bm ?
B minor inverted chord on guitar is ..?A guitar chord instead of Bm?
I'm playing an acoustic guitar, and I was wondering if there is an easier to play instead of Bm, what would it be, and what's the easiest way to play it?Help with the Bm chord on guitar!!!?
so i have been playin guitar for a while now and i still cant do the bar chords like bm .its very frustrating cause a lot of songs use them. i was just wondering if there is anything i can do to help or if there is an alternate way to play these chords .also F i cant play that to save my life!!!! i need your help please!!!! WOW thanks sp!!!! that helped me sooooo much! plus having fat hands haha its not easy to do! but man that one little tip made it so much easier! thank you thank you thank you!!!! =]Is there a substitute for the chord Bm on guitar?
I find it really hard to play this chord, and I can but it takes me a while to get it right. While I'm learning this chord, is there a substitute for it so I can play other songs with Bm in them. P.S. it has to be easier to play obviously lol. thanks!How to play Bm Chord on the guitar?
i am having trouble playing the Bm chord on the guitar. here is the chord im playing incase there are variants of the chord. ----I---2I--I----- ----I-----I--I--- ----I-----I--I-3-- ----I-----I--I-- ----I-----I--I- ---I--1--I--I--- i have my index on the 1, middle finger on 2 and ring on 3, but im finding it hard to stretch my fingers, put each of them down firmly on the string and play the notes without accidentally muting any other strings all at the same time anyone have any pointers? videos or pics would be great.

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