guitar chords b minor

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B minor guitar chord help?
One of my guitar song that I am playing has a B minor chord in it. And B minor is hard. Is there another chord I could play in place of it? Or can I play B minor in a different way to make it easier? oh ok, How do you barr chords? I have tried before and I can't get my finger to hold them down without messing up another string lolWhat guitar chords sound similar to the B minor chord?
I can't play the B minor chord very well, so I was wondering if there were any other simpler chords I could use as a replacement that sound similar.B minor for guitar!!!??!!?
im just learning how to play the guitar. does anyone know a chord that can substitude b minor? cause well its freaking hard! and theres a song that has other chords i know, but the only chord that i cant play. so IS there a chord that sounds almost the same so that i can still play the song?? i only know like 5 chords c major, d, e minor, a minor, and f and i cant do f. my teacher isnt teaching me that chord yet cause its like really hard. and so idk how to play it. cause its like all the the heck am i supposed to do THAT when i can barely play the c!!!!!!! i just want to be able to play the song and idk what b minor sounds like so am i supposed to know?? im only 14 i cant rule the world yet long live king erichHelp Guitar Chords? How to play the b minor chord?
I have some trouble when I flatten my pointer finger over the second fret. How do you do that without muting the strings? and where do my other fingers go? Thanks!B minor guitar chord help?
This is the only barre chord I've come across so far and I'm having trouble. How are you meant to place your finger on the second fret as if I put it flat down then the high E string is always muted, no matter how hard I try, so is there a better technique and a way to help me build strength up as I seem to be using my thumb a lot to push the e string into my finger but it's still muted? Thank.

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