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The u0026quot;CAGEDu0026quot; Major Guitar Chords -
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Guitar chord, major or minor?
I have had to teach myself guitar. My understanding of the general chord progression; Major / - / Major / - / Minor / Major ( / = Fret ) then it repeats itself, but you get an extra two frets this time around! I always thought after the minor it would be another minor, but that sounds wrong as well ( major / - / major / - / minor / - / minor ?). Could anyone explain to me what should happen here?Guitar chord: F major?
I looked up on chord finder to learn F major, and am totally confused. I know it's a 4 string chord: second finger second fret, third string. Third finger, third fret, fourth string. But what about my first finger? Is it 1st fret, second string or first?! Thanks heaps. So barring means holding down both E and B with my first finger?What is the symbol for minor and major guitar chords?
What is the symbol for minor and major guitar chords? #? m? Which ones?Guitar chords - keys. (Maj, min, min, maj,maj,min,dim)?
Are guitar chords that are named with out major or minor (G, D, C, etc.) considered to be a major or minor chord? I'm really confused!What are the major guitar chords?

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