ghost town guitar tabs

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Questions & Answers :

Can someone tell me the chords by looking at these tabs?
I play acoustic guitar, but I cant read tabs yet. What chords are used in this song by looking at the tabs? Does it need a capo? Thanks finger picking guitar songs to learn?
im looking for some guitar songs to play, something that will keep me occupied for a will but is still around intermediate level i dont really have a specific genre although i do like songs along the lines of Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats Deathcab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into the Dark Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life Joshua Radin - Winter much appreciated, thanks (:Can Someone tell me what tuning this song is in?
i cant seem to figure out what tuning its in because every tuning i've tried does not sound right. I'm either playing the chords wrong or its in the wrong tuning. I've tried drop d, drop c, standard, and b f# b e g# c# and they all don't sound correct. if its not the tuning that's wrong can someone give me a couple of the tabs? thank you so much in advance. here's the video! Please help me choose a good set list for my pub gig?
Hey I have a pub gig coming up in about a month, I agreed to do it when drunk, I'm singing and playing guitar. My timing is not amazing on guitar and my voice is a bit crap so I need some help of an easy set list to do with out it sounding terrible. Someone suggest some easy well known songs.

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