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What are some cool songs I could learn for the guitar?
Here are some examples of what I'm talking about that I already know how to play: Halo theme Super Mario theme Zelda theme (also Gerudo valley) South Park theme Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly 96 Quite Bitter Beings by CKY Iron Man by Black Sabbath (also NIB, Paranoid, and War Pigs) Pokemon gym theme from the old gameboy games I want some suggestions that would be a crowd pleaser and people could be like, "Hey! I know that song thats awesome." Thanks for any help.What are some easy guitar tabs for an ok guitarist.?
I just recently bought my guitar, a strat, but I would like to know some cool but easy-ish guitar tabs and/or tips you may have. I am a very fast learner so far, my cousin recently came by after I bought my guitar and printed me some random tabs, the best thing I can play is Gerudo Valley(zelda song) I can play about 2 pages of it out of 4, It only took me a few tries to learn each part. My biggest problem is probly my pick somtimes hitting a string near the string i wanted somtimes, and I cannot seem to do parts were you have to strum more than one string (not chords, i'm ok at those, its the parts with more than one string but you only have to strum it ounce) To sum this all up please help me with one or more of these if you can. -------------------------------- 1. Easy tabs(harder ones are ok as well) 2. Any and all tips for anything, specialy chords and the more than one string struming. 3. Help with the things stated in paragraph. 4. Anthing realy.

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