four finger mandolin chords

Mandolin Fingering Charts for Chords, Major, Minor, 7th
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Mandolin Help?
Okay, first off I play a lot of instruments but I have always wanted to play a stringed instrument. I have a guitar and I know a couple of chords. The only problem I have is my fingers are short. (lol go ahead and laugh). I have always been interested in the mandolin. I know it always depends on the person, but do you think it would be easier for me? Also can you help me with a good beginner one? I know the cheap ones are really no good and not to buy them off the internet and stuff. Target has a really cheap one (like I said it's probably junk) but what do you think of it? I also know that it has to be "set up" where could I get that done? One more thing, I was looking at possibly an Epiphone MM-50 f-style. Is that too much to spend on a beginner one? lol I just liked the style that's all and I'm interested in blugrass. Thanks in advance!Is the mandolin a difficult instrument to take up without experience?
I have no history in music and I have never played a string instrument, but I do have a good ear for rhythm and very good hand-eye coordination. I wanted to take up an instrument and the mandolin appealed to me VERY much. With my background, would the mandolin be difficult or would I be alright with practice?Mandolin questions ?
I play the piano and the violin and love string instruments so I've been thinking of buying a mandolin and giving it a go :) I've heard the tuning is the same as a violin, GDAE? But then there's different tunings too. How do the double strings work? And if you tune them differently? And the plucking? Because I play the violin I have a good grasp about intervals on string instruments, is it similar? I like the look of the more traditional looking rounder ones, rather than the ones that kinda look like a guitar. I think they're called F-style? I'm really interested in getting a mandolin and would appreciate it if someone who plays could give me some information :) Thanks!Thoughts on a mandolin for a first instrument?
I'm 20 years old and literally have no musical background whatsoever. I've always wanted to learn to play something, but my parents could really never afford to get me an instrument as a kid. So now that I'm older, I'm thinking about buying myself a mandolin. I really like it's sound and I think it would be a really interesting instrument to learn. I guess I'd just like some input as to whether a mandolin would be a good first instrument for a complete beginner to learn?Is it possible to have hands that are too small for a mandolin?
A few years ago, I tried to play the guitar and after about six months of faithful practice, I couldn't even do simple chords because my tiny fingers are incapable of stretching just two or three frets away. So, I reasoned that a mandolin might be easier: four sets of strings and a much smaller neck. But, again, I had the same problem. My pinkie finger is so small that the tip sits between the strings without properly pressing down either of them. Is this legitimate or am I just making excuses? Is there a solution to my tiny-hand problem or another instrument that I could plausibly play? I have over $300 in this thing, so I'd really appreciate any advice you have to offer.

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