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Fix You sheet music by Coldplay (Piano u2013 47169)
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Questions & Answers :

My guitar chord just snapped while i was playing is there anyway to fix it ?
my guitar chord snapped or just got cut somehow because it was too tight someone played with it and i didn't figure it out until it snapped is it possible to fix that chord ?Guitar Chords?
I want to play the "Good Riddance" (Time of your life) song by Green Day. i know the Chords. C,D,Em,G. i started playing the guitar a week ago. it is an easy song, but everytime i try to change chords, my fingers dont move. and what is the picking part for the song?How would i fix a chorded guitar hero two controller
every thing works but the down strum motion up works fine but i cant play my best being able to use one strum motion plz can some one help meShifting Guitar Chords?
So I play guitar, but I'm having a little bit of trouble shifting the chords. Say you have to go from G to F; I'm having a little trouble going from chord to chord without hesitating in between. How do I fix this?Guitar chords of Stouthearted men?
If you know Guitar chords of Stouthearted men, please tell me.. I like the song and try to play it by guitar.

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