five string banjo chords

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Four or five string banjo?
I want to start playing the banjo,but not sure whether I should go 4 or 5 string? What's the difference and which is easier? Thank you xAre banjo chords and bass chords the same?
I would love to learn the banjo. I would also love to learn to play bass. Are the chords the same since they both have either four or five strings?Does it matter to learn banjo on 4 or 5 string?
I have a 4 string banjo, don't know how to play. Most how to books focus on 5 string. Does this matter? I play piano and want to learn to play banjo, can't afford lessons, any suggestions on books to learn chords and basics?Are banjo and guitar chords the same?
i'm trying to learn a song from the guitar, but i onlt have a banjo if i try to play it which i don't will it sond good?On a banjo how do I re-tune 5th string in Bb?
On a banjo I wish to play in Bb (G tuning )capo 3rd fret. What do I tune my 5th string to.

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