emotional piano chords

Transcribing Porter Robinson, rants about chord progressions in house/electro : edmproduction
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Is the proper phrase "emotional chord" or "emotional cord"? Both make sense.?
google is fairly split by the numbers. Could both be right depending on the reference?Is the proper phrase "emotional chord" or "emotional cord"? Both make sense.?
google is fairly split by the numbers. Could both be right depending on the reference?Why do i feel like crying when i play a pretty chord on the piano?
my parents bought me a piano for my birthday back in may and i havnt got lessons yet so i mess around on it and im composing music within 2 weeks. im making music that makes me so emotional. i know nothing about theory or looked anything up. if i get piano lessons ill actually understand what im doing and maybe ill be a good musician when i grow up. im 14. is it weird that i get emotional over music? yea it was so melancholic i wanted to cryWhat's the most emotional song you've ever listened to?
Mine is Just Ask the lonely Omar S. This song is very deep, and absolutely perfect. The buildup of the emotional vibrant piano chords really soak into the atmosphere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cSEByA7uFgWhy are iii and vi chords so emotional?
Why is it that when you use the iii and vi chords in a song, it creates a sense of emotion? In a song in the key of C major, whenever I use the iii chord (Em) or the vi chord (Am), there is a fulfillment of some emotion. From what some musicians say, they say that certain intervals are "emotionally charged." It seems to be true. The iii chord, Em, uses notes 3, 5, and 7 of the C major scale, and the vi chord, Am, uses notes 6, 1, and 3. Both of these are minor chords, but their usage in many songs, especially when these chords are used and played among strings and electric piano, sound very calm and emotional. The iii chord sounds very lonely and the vi chord has a sad sound. Why are these 2 chords like this? Is it because the iii chord puts the dominant (G) in the middle and the vi chord puts the tonic (C) in the middle.

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