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Spanish Romance by Antonio Cano - Solo Guitar Guitar Pro Tab : mySongBook.com
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Questions & Answers :

Where can i find good easy spanish guitar chords/tabs online?
I'm looking for some spanish guitar chords/tabs because i have a guitar but it's a spanish one and i'm trying to find some good FREE music to play :)I need to learn a traditional Spanish guitar tab?
I am an experienced guitarist, but my style is almost entirely folk/ country and tend to play in an open d style, however as part of a recent college project I need to play a very traditional Spanish romance song, I tried arranging it on my own but I can't grasp the scales and have struggled to make anything that sounds deeply Spanish, I have also attempted some of the online tabs and some of them are quite easy but don't have the right sound, the ones that do sound right I just can play, I need to learn something which has a strong flamenco feel to it. Does anyone know any easy to learn tabs which have a strong Spanish romance/ flamenco vibe? Or Does anyone have any tips or easy scales which I can work from? Any help is appreciated, thank youEasy songs for guitar beginners in spanish?
easy spanish songs for begginers? like songs that only use e,em,g,c,d chords and im still learning how to read tablature so if you could just give me the lyrics and the chords. :)Some beautiful spanish guitar songs?
I'd like to know some beautiful spanish guitar songs that I could easily find the tab to. Preferably flamenco sort of style, not impossibly hard, but not easy to play.Flamingo Guitar Tabs?
I was looking for some flamingo guitar tabs? easier if possible, I've seen some of them and they're really quite hard, I'm not in the mood for learning something for hours. Please help. Thank.

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