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Questions & Answers :

Where can I find drum tabs to the song 'White Lace and Strange' by Nirvana except for 911 tabs ?
I need drum tabs for the song but they dont have them at 911 tabs. Where else can I get them?Drum tab for the song guerrila radio?
I need to find drum tabs for these songs:?
I need to find drum tabs for these songs: -Sweet dreams are made of this (marilyn manson) -This is halloween (marylin manson) -Wait and bleed (slipknot) -Sic (slipknot) but what would be more helpful would be to find a web site that has drum tabs for slipknot and Marilyn Manson please do not insult my taste of music i just need an answer to my question please.Drums tabs ?
can anyone give The drums tab for this song (IrOn mAiden - the longest day ) plzzzzz HelpDrum tabs for Christian songs?
I need to get the drum tabs for about 10 contemporary Christian songs. I can't find them anywhere online I've searched all of the databases available. What's the best way for me to do this? Thank.

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