drum tabs numbers

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What are the numbers below the drum tabs?
My firend and I want to play this but we cant figure out what the numbers are http://www.verygooddays.com/main/tabs/arigatou-tabs/ and these are the numbers 36 37 40 42 43 45 46 48 49 55What does the drum note A mean?what does the note G mean?How do you drag?what do the numbers on the tabs mean?
Which do you think would be harder to learn, Guitar Tabs or Drum Tabs.?
I've been on UltimateGuitar.com and I've seen a whole lot of Guitar Tabs, but I noticed a Drum Tab somewhere on the page and I checked it out and I was shocked to notice it was all Numbers and Symbols which, in my opinion, would be harder to get used to then Guitar Tabs but I want to ask you, which would be harder to get used to and learn, Guitar Tabs or Drum Tabs maybe I'm just used to Guitar Tabs because I didn't know how to read tabs when I first started either Rofl, yep, it's my idol Howard JonesDoes any body have drum tabs for the following song by panic!at the disco?
Theres A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey You Just Havent Thought Of It Yet tab (thats the name of the song)Should i play drums, guitar or bass?
So i want to learn to play an instrument. I have been playing rock band and gotten very good at it, and i tried my friends real kit, and i know the basics and some stuff. But im thinking that if i buy drums, it will fast be boring when i only play alone, and it would maybe be more fun to buy a guitar and play with my friend? And one more thing is it hard to learn how to read tabs and that stuff.

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