drum tabs all i want for christmas is you

Christmas Carol/Song lyrics with chords for All I Want For Christmas-Mariah Carey
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Questions & Answers :

Is there a drum tab for 'all i want for christmas is you'?
Preferably for the mychem version. Links please! And if not does anyone hav ny ideas cuz im quite new 2 drums. Thankyou! It doesnt *** up on google! And im trying this one cuz the bands playing it at a christmas concertHow do you play the drums without learning drum notes/tabs?
I got a set of drums for christmas but i dont know how to read music. Is there anyway I can learn how to play drums WITHOUT learning the notes?What is the best way to self teach yourself drums? I dont want to get lessons.?
I'm (fingers crossed) getting a set of electric drums for christmas and wondered what the best way to self teach playing them is? I got the bug over the last 4 years by playing Rock Band on the PS3, so wanted to take the next step. Any links would be appreciated. CheersHow to play the drums?
I just got a new drum set for christmas. I have never played them before, and was wondering if anyone knows some nice beginner songs in tabs, or music for me to try. Also any good books or websites to help me out.Smells Like Teen Spirit????
Does anyone have the correct drum tabs to this song? I've got the whole song down except for the bridge. I've looked for some online but they all are wrong, don't show the bridge part, or they're own way of playing it. If anyone can help i would really appreciate it.

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