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I want to record the sound from my electronic drum set with a double ended chord.?
I want to record the sound from my electronic drum set with a double ended music chord. What jack do i use the mic jack or the headphone jack?+ i want to be able to still be able to listen to the music through the headphones while the sound of the drums can still be heard on the video recording. what do i do to make this happen?Is there a specific way to learn to play the drums?
I want to buy a drum set but i want to know if you learn by making your own beats or are there specific beats. Like the guitar you learn chords to be able to play it but what about the drums.Can I add on to this drum set?
I was thinking about getting this to start me off. When I feel like it can I add more symbols and other drums to it? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=9999102200050007&st=drum+set&type=product&id=pcmprd102300050007Can double bass pedals be set up on most electronic drum sets?
I'm planning to get an electronic drum set for my room very soon (acoustic isn't an option; my parents would murder me). I was just looking around at the electronic drum sets for sale on te Guitarcenter website and in the pictures, all but two of the drum sets only had one bass pedal, and the ones that I saw that did have double bass were REALLY expensive, like $4000+!!! However, I've read a few reviews and descriptions that imply that you can customize a cheaper electronic drum set to have two bass pedals. Is this true, or are one vs. two bass pedals the difference between a high price and a low price?My Guitar Hero: World Tour drum set symbols don't work anymore?
What can I do? It's made a while since we got it, the yellow was broken for a while, and now the Orange one is too! (unresponsive) Anything I can do that doesn't mean buy another set? :.

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