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Starting drum lessons embarrassed, though!?
Hello! So, I'm an 18 year old girl who has always had a fascination with drumming. I've finally decided to bite the bullet and set up lessons the thing is, I'm worried about how lessons will go. Will the instructor judge me if I walk in with virtually no drum experience whatsoever? I know, I know. Stupid concerns but I can't help but look at all of the little kids running around the shop who are very good drummers, and feel embarrassed. Haha. Any people with similar concerns? Or advice? Thanks!Should i take piano or drum lessons?
i also play the guitar but would like to try another instrument? how many years of piano lessons does it take to actually be able to play drums?and where do u learn the technique for drumming?I want to play the drums? What is the best way to learn?
Also, I've been playing bass for 3 and a half years and from what people tell me, I'm really good. But lately, I have kind of been in a music rut, and I haven't really concentrated on bass. I've always wanted to give drums a try, but now I feel even more motivated to do so. I always notice myself pretending to play drum parts to songs more than guitar or bass parts. Would taking bass lessons and drum lessons be a bit much? Also, should I start off with a practice pad just to get basics down, or buy a kit?Question about drums and guitar!?
well ive been playing guitar for about 3 years (4 maybe?), and i havent gotten as good as i hoped that i would. when i first picked it up, my foster brother was the one who taught me, but he kinda led me in the wrong direction. he showed me things that i should have waited to learn and never taught me important things like chords and stuff..basically, he said "this is how to read music, these are the frets, so there ya go". and now i really wish i would have taken lessons instead. anyone ever been in this situation? would it be kind of a bad time to start lessons? also, for awhile ive kinda been wanting to start up drums. it just looks like it would be so much fun. has anyone ever gone from guitar to drums, and how did it work out for you? the only thing im kinda worried about is my inability to keep my feet in beat with my hands..is that something you pick up along the way, no matter how bad you are at it from the start? thanks in advance, -justinWhat's the best way to learn chords/progressions?
I can hear the sound in my head but can't find the keys sometimes, an easy way to learn, or good book, or even better DVD! Lessons? I'm talking Synth Keys PS I don't want toplay other people music, I want to create my own productions, drums, bass, chords, leads and arrange using Cubase SX.

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