drum chords for thinking out loud

Thinking Out Loud-Ed Sheeran Stave Preview 2-Free Piano Sheet Music u0026 Piano Chords
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What is the famous movie song called that has just horns going up in chords and then the banging of the drums?
its usually right before an action scene. the horns play a chord, then jump higher in the scale and play another chord, building anticipation, then they play one more chord, and then they go da-daaaaaa, and the timpani sounds, boom boom, boom boom boom booom, then they start the whole thing over again. they gradually get louder as the climb the scale, building anticipation. the da-da usually happens when a person accomplishes the feat. like if they're running, and the chords with the horns start, and the chords get louder, and the anticipation builds, then he jumps, and da-da! and then the timpani(drums) go boom-boom boom-boom boom-boom exactly that many times and then it starts over with the horns and the chords. can you help me out. thanks a lot. this is driving me crazy.Is playing the drum as complex as playing any other instrument?
Honestly; I'm just looking for an instrument where I can relax on while playing. I don't want to think much when I'm playing, all I want is to feel it. So I was wondering, is drum just as complex as playing guitar is? You know, with the alternative picking, tempo, speed, strumming loud or soft, etc. I'm not a fan of strings and prefer blowing instruments where I can just feel it. Please give me firm answers. I'm' not looking for "Yea it's complex" or "Nah, you can feel it", or just something with only a sentence of such.Whats that choir- based song that is pretty intense that is played in movies?
it gets louder and louder and its minor until the final chord (which is a 5th/perfect). and after every line said, there is two base drum (i think) hits.What do I do about drum/guitar?
ok so I really want to play drums, I also think I'm not too bad at it since I was at a music store playing and these guys looking for a drummer asked me to join their band. but my parents only let me play guitar since they think drumming takes no skill. They spent over 2k on me for guitar but I hate it and I can't even make a chord or remember any of the chord names. what should I do?How can i convince my mom to let me play drums?
So i want to be in a heavy metal band and i want to be the drummer And my mom just says "no way, drums are just noise." I really like the drums. I will take lesson.

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