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The Myth of Drum Tab
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Questions & Answers :

Where can I get songs chord for drum ?
Do drums have chords?
do they use chords to play like guitar?. it started because of my friend. she said that drums do have chords. and i just said-doubt- "they have? impossible.i thought that they will just listen to the song and follow the rhythm for the drums. can you specify some drums using chords and not? as much as possible you want to.Need chords for song.?
I need a good chord progressiong for a 7 syllable song. Rock love song. As much as possible it starts with a DPiano chords for Drumming Song by Florence the Machine?
Where can I get these chords for free?Can Someone Write Drum/Guitar Chords For A Song I Wrote, Please?
The song is called "MaryJane" and it's about a girl named MaryJane-Not the drug. The song is meant to be more of a rock/techno sounding song. So can anyone make chords with it? I'll message you the song if you want too. Thankies :.

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