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Beginner on the drums .?
so im gonna teach myself to play drums since i find teachers already irratating and uncomfortble (please no comment on that i get enough in school haha) and so i've been wondering how much time should i spend practicing the drums? is this a good drum set to begin with? -> http://www.guitarcenter.com/Sound-Percussion-5-Piece-Shell-Pack-104496328-i1372484.gc when should i begin to get more cymbals other than high-hat and crash? what are the other cymbals other than high-hat and crash? thannks a lot for the help :)What are chords [Guitar beginner]?
Merry Christmas guys! I just got my guitar today, and I'm having lots of trouble understanding what a chord is. I really don't get it, and I don't understand how to get cords. I've watched COUNTLESS beginner videos on Youtube, and I really still don't get it. I know it's lame of me, but I can't get it. Sadly, I won't be getting lessons, and for now I have no capo and no pick. Just my laptop, my guitar, and my hands. So, what are cords? Can you please explain it in simple, non-instrumental words? The only two instruments I have played before are the drums and the flute, and I'm quite sure that they are not related to the guitar much? *-*Easy guitar chord sequence for Let It Be?
I'm just beginning to learn guitar, but I'm one of the people with the most experience with them (everyone else chose keyboards or drums) so I have to play it for my group project. We're playing Let It Be, but I'm struggling slightly with the chords I found online because I also have to sing (I hate my friends haha). Can you think of any sequences of four chords that I could play (as a beginner) and sing to at the same time? Thanks :)Is drums easy are hard to learn?
i was wondering is drums were easy to learn.. like is someone would teach you how to play.. would it be easy.. or is it a hard instrument to learn?Should I play drums,guitar, or bass.?
I want to be in band and my friend is really good at guitar but the only way i'll get a bass is if I sing and I'm ok. Then drums I can only play hard on rockband if that matters. Also I have been known to give up easy so my bro says don't get guitar but their really cool.what do you think I should do also everyone says I have good rthyem.

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