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Dominant Chords - Piano?
Could someone help me here? What is a Dominant Major chord in the key of C? And also, what is a Dominant Minor chord in the same key of C? The instrument, by the way, is a Piano. Thanks! What are the tonic and dominant chords when playing piano?
What is the proper way to determine the dominant chords when playing a song on the piano? For ex. To determine the dominant chords in a major key like c major which is C E G. The G stays the same but the E moves up a half step and the C moves down a half step. But what is the procedure for a minor key. Like for instance in d minor, the chords are d f a. To get the dominant chord, does the f move up a half step or whole step and does the c move down a half step or down a whole step? I might have written it down wrong in piano class. Can someone please help me? I have finals next week.How to make a dominant 7th chord in piano?
hey, so whenever i went on the internet and typed how to make a dominant 7th chord (in piano) the websites always said to count from the tonic (i don't really know how to explain this so i'm just going to give an example). ok, so this is what the websites said: let's say the key is C+, so the dominant 7th chord (according to them) would be C E G B. but then my piano teacher said you have to start on the dominant of the key, so ex.: C+ would be: G B D F. i think what my piano teacher said makes more sense because it's a DOMINANT 7th chord, but I'm just wondering why the internet says differently? thank you :)Piano theory help? Dominant 7th chords?
What would an f# minor 7 chord contain and how is a minor 7chord made on piano? Also what kind of dominant is this: it contains the notes C, E natural, G, and Bb. Thanks so much!How to play jazz piano chords?
I want to learn how to play jazz piano chords.

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