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Progressive House / Trance Chords w/presets! {FL Studio] - YouTube
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House Music with Piano?
I am looking for some House songs with piano (and i'm talking about a normal piano, not synth or samplers) mixed into it. You know what I mean Like when you hear the music and then suddenly you heard different chords being pounded into the piano, makes the song awesome! Anyways I only know a couple so I could get some more that would be great! Here is a great example of what I'm talking about. The Piano comes in at around 1:40. Thanks!Piano pieces with the chords Aminor, F, G and C ?
Maybe a sad song/ that sounds complex? Any songs with these chords? And who are they by and what are they called? Am F G C Thank you :)Does Anyone Know the Piano Chords to "Praise His Name"?
Praise His Name by Sheri and Jeff Easter. I would very much appreciate it!!!Difference between house and trance music?
They all sound the same to me with all those electronic rhythms, tell me what differentiates house to trance? And what are the elements and their characteristics for creating each genre?Where can I find Piano chords for the song "Vegas" by Sara Bareilles?
I dont want sheet music, I cant read it. I just want the chords. Pleas.

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