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Does anyone know the chord progression for deadmau5 song the 16th hour? i am trying to learn it on piano?
Top five deadmau5 songs?
Hey guys. In your opinion please list your top 5 deadmau5 songs IN ORDER please. Thx guys This is just for fun. My top five are 5. a city in Florida 4. Some chords 3. Ghosts n stuff 2. Professional griefers 1. StrobeChords for raise your weapon by deadmau5 ?
it can be gutiar chords or piano! i dont really care i just want something cuz i cant find them anywhere! :( thank you!What's the name of this song?
Hi, I heard this song at GameStop, it was like a modern electro song. I heard lots of piano chords that kind of went up and down. It didn't go too high but sounded very catchy. It doesn't have any lyrics from what I heard. Thanks in advance!Looking for dub-step songs.?
looking for something like this

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