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Mandolin questions ?
I play the piano and the violin and love string instruments so I've been thinking of buying a mandolin and giving it a go :) I've heard the tuning is the same as a violin, GDAE? But then there's different tunings too. How do the double strings work? And if you tune them differently? And the plucking? Because I play the violin I have a good grasp about intervals on string instruments, is it similar? I like the look of the more traditional looking rounder ones, rather than the ones that kinda look like a guitar. I think they're called F-style? I'm really interested in getting a mandolin and would appreciate it if someone who plays could give me some information :) Thanks!Is learning banjo, mandolin, and guitar within a year or less possible?
I'm going to be getting some money soon and I am going to buy a mandolin and banjo. My brother owns a guitar that I am going to borrow to try learn and practice on. I am also going to learn banjo and mandolin. I have been playing trumpet for 6 years, and Violin since I was 5. I am 17 years old now. I am musically inclined. I am able to listen to songs and play them on my violin and trumpet. What my question was, is that, is it possible to be able to teach myself the gist of playing mandolin, guitar and banjo. I was thinking if I didn't buy a beginners book, but watched videos, and learned chords, I'd be able to pick it up. I am very interested in playing music on the street to make some extra cash so I'd just like to know any ideas on what is good to practice if I follow this through?How to play the mandolin?
I am considering buying a mandolin and I have been told by someone that is is very similar to playing the ukulele (which I play) at first I believed them because it has eight strings but i think its considered 4 because of how they are set up in sets of twos and the ukulele has four strings, but is it at all similar to the ukulele? And if not, would it be easier to thing for me because of my uke knowledge? Thanks in advance.Bluegrass Question for Mandolin players and fiddlers?
Is it true that if you can play fiddle you can play mandolin. I have been playing fiddle for nearly two years now and I'm soing both classical and bluegrass. I know how to read music ( piano for 6 years pays off). I've been really wanting to play mandolin for quite sometime now. People tell that if you play fiddle then you can play mandolin which i understande there are 8 strings but they are the same as that of a fiddle just teo of each. so is it True?Does the mandolin and the violin have the same fingerings?
I'm trying to learn how to play but i'm having trouble finding fingering charts but i have found many violin chart.

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Gallery For u0026gt; Mandolin Chords

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