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Why is classical guitar commonly taught using tablature rather than music scores?
I found this confusing when learning the guitar aswell as learning the piano. The guitar teacher insisted on teaching it using tablature. Is this the way that most people learned to play the guitar? I have seen music for the guitar in normal music scores.Where can i get classical guitar stuff's guitar pro files?
I tried 911tabs, gportab, tabscout . give me something new . thnak u Classical guitar sheet music?
I can't find any good sites to buy classical guitar sheet music online. Even classical guitar tablature would be okay. Can anyone tell me?Classical guiar music for electric guitar?
what is a good website that i can find classical guitar music (in tabliture) to play on the electric guitar. or what is a good website that i can order classical guitar lesson books and dvds (in tabliture) for he electric guitarShould I learn classical guitar?
I first picked up guitar about nine years ago. But even though I've been at it for years, I've been stuck at a beginner's level. I can read chord charts and tablature. I know commonly used chords/fingerings. I can figure out the chords to a lot of songs by ear if I sat down with a recording, pausing for each chord as I look for its match on the fretboard. But all I can do so far is just simple chord strumming. I don't know how to read music and I haven't really even gotten the names of the notes on the fretboard memorized (except for the fifth and sixth strings, because that's usually where the bass notes of chords are located, right?) I play songs mostly from the alternative rock genre (partly because I like the genre, and partly because there are a lot of songs from the genre that are easy enough for me to play). And sometimes, I like to try writing my own songs. Which is why I would like to learn how to play lead and improvise - so I could embellish my own songs and come up with more interesting sounds. I think I could use some music theory too. Without music theory or even knowing the notes on the fretboard, one could still come up with musical ideas, but to me, doing it that way feels like groping around in the dark. Also, I was thinking that if I knew some music theory, it would be a lot easier for me to figure out how to play other people's songs by ear. Of course, I could just look for tablature and play by numbers, but I want to understand what I'm doing not just mindlessly hit these notes without knowing what they are and why.. So recently, I decided to sign up for lessons with a teacher. (I think one of the reasons my progress has been so slow is that I have been playing and learning mostly by myself. I was thinking I could learn more, faster, with the guidance of someone who knows what he's doing.) When we first met, my teacher asked me what exactly I wanted him to teach me. But I wasn't really sure how to put it in words. There are so many things I want to learn, and I probably don't even know what some of them techniques are called. :) He also mentioned that he didn't want to teach me by reading off sheet music, because, he said, it just might make me dizzy. Part of me agrees with my teacher. The thought of learning to read music, how it relates to the guitar, and playing the music as I read it just scares me. It seems so complicated. Also, if he does teach me to read music, he's going to be giving me classical lessons. Now, I LOVE listening to classical music. It's beautiful! It's just that I never really imagined myself playing it, because, well, it looks so difficult! :) However, there's also a part of me that thinks maybe it would be good for me. It'll motivate me to learn the notes on the fretboard, I'll learn proper fingering positions and I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that I'll need to know how to read music if I want to learn some music theory - is that right? So now, I'm not so sure what I should do. Should I go ahead and learn classical guitar? Or should I just ask my teacher to teach me rock/blues songs and scales and solos, etc, by "shape" instead? Because I really want to understand what I'm doing and I'm up for learning new and challenging things. But then again, I'm not sure if my brain can handle it (I'm already 27 years old) or if it would really help me with my goals (songwriting, improvisation). I mean, it's probably not very realistic of me to aim for really becoming a classical guitarist, when I'm starting out this late in life. But I'm willing to learn what it has to offer, so hopefully I could apply it to other genres and perhaps even my own music. Yet, I'm also afraid that like my teacher said, it would just make me dizzy.. What do you think? :) By the way, I already decided to give the classical lessons a try. Last week was our first classical lesson. We haven't gotten to the part with note reading yet - just p-i-m-a exercises and tablature. It takes me forever to get it right there and then, on-the-spot, and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet! hahaha! :) Not to mention that these hourly lessons don't come very cheap. :) (we went over a Study in E Minor, "Andantino in C" and "Romanza") So now, I'm wondering if I could ask my teacher if he could give me the classical lessons more as homework/supplementary material, and just use more of our session time on rock/blues techniques..? I don't know. Would that be a better idea? Thanks :) haha, yeah Matt B I tend to write too long haha :) I'll try to write shorter next time. :)) Thanks.

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