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How to play violin chords : One string:HOW TO PLAY VIOLIN CHORDS - XDQAJGMOCOS FQE
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Questions & Answers :

How to convert/use guitar chord on violin?
How to read guitar tabs/chords into violin?
i want to play some of my favorite modern music using my violin but i can only find them in guitar tabs/chords and i dont know how to play the chords/tabs in my violin. please help me.Any chords in violin?
I'm studying violin now, and wondered if I can play some chords in violin. Is it the same as the chords in piano or something? Or is there actually no chords in violin? Tried to browse them, but failed.Does a cello use the same chords as a violin?
does a chello use the same chords as a violin, or have its own set of chords could you play a cello easilly if you can already play the violin?Help scoring chords for violin?
Say I want my first violins to play a 3 note Cmajor chord, I don't want them all to try and play the three notes at once, I want them to split so that 1/3 play a C, 1/3 play an E and the last 1/3 to play a G. Should I divide my violins into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th (the fourth being the original 2nd violins) or just write the chord for the 1st and write "divisi" or something underneath? or is there something else I should do instead.

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