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Translate Guitar chords to Ukulele?
Can somebody translate the following guitar chords into ukulele chords for me? Thanks. G Am CGuitar chords to ukulele?
It's capo 3rd fret on guitar, chords g c and d. Do you know what these chords are on the uke? Thanks!Best modern 3-chord songs for ukulele?
3 chord ukulele songs from the past couple of years, they don't have to be originally on the ukulele if you can tell me what the chords are.. Preferably upbeat songs. Thanks:)Guitar chords to ukulele ?
Ukulele chords aren't the same as guitar chords. For example, 'F' on ukulele is 'C' on guitar. But I don't know any other conversions! Help please!Guitar chords = ukulele chords?
so are guitar and ukulele chords the same. i mean if i play a G on my ukulele and then a G on a guitar are they the same or different. Im trying to find tabs for a song on my ukulele and i can find the chords for guitar only. can i use it?.

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