chords on c harmonica

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Questions & Answers :

What chords can I play on a C harmonica?
and how do I play themHow to do these chords on an harmonica ?
The chords im looking for are 'E minor' 'C' 'G' 'D' and 'B' thanks in advance =)Harmonica?
I'm kind of new to this, so can you please explain briefly the following: 1. Diatonic harmonica. 2. Chromatic harmonica. 3. Octave & Tremolo harmonica (I have this one). And how can I bend notes with ^ that ^ harmonica? I wanted to learn so I can play my guitar with it.I want to add harmonica to a song which uses the chords C#, F#, Dm# and G#.?
Would I be correct in thinking that I should buy a harmonica which is in the key of C#/Db? I just want to play a melody over the top of the chords as an instrumental break.I need some help with harmonica blues 12 bar?
on a harmonica blues 12bar progression chord in the key c what hole on your harmonica do you blow and draw on each not.

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