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Simple Bossa Nova Chord Progression Clinic
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Bossa Nova guitar rhythm?
What are typical bossa nova guitar riffs/rhythms? Tabs would be helpful or please let me know common chords used in bossa nova. THanks!What are some (relative to bossa nova and jazz) easy songs to play on guitar? Any websites with tabs?
I'm looking to move from rock into jazz and I am a big fan of Jobim, Powell, Jorge Ben, and Bonfa. What are some songs with fewer or easier chords? Most of them look really difficult although Mas Que Nada is kind of working out for me though my pinky isn't ready for the F7 and Dm7 from the tabs I'm using and there is so much besides guitar in most recordings it's hard to hear the original chords. Any other good places to start?I need help finding the guitar tab/music for a song?
Ive recently started playing Bossa Nova guitar music and im trying to find a tab or sheet music for Luiz Bonfa's song Bonfa Nova. any help would be greatly appreciated. Also im interested in buying a good handmade classical guitar if anyone knows where to buy one please share. Thanks!How does she play the guitar? Curious to know how to play guitar like that but what would you call it? Where can I learn about it? It sounds so nice :| The title is: Seii - MoreLooking for some harder acoustic guitar songs?
I've been playing guitar for quite a while now and am getting at least close to intermediate, I can pay songs like; blackbird, tears in heaven, here comes the sun, wonderful tonight, wish you were here and more along those lines. I'm looking for some challenging songs to keep me on my toes. Preferably fingerpicking but im not adament about that, but with some challenge to it at least.

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