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7th Chords u2013 Learn to Form and Play them on Your Piano
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Where can I find Blues Chords?
Where can i find blues chords and scales for piano and guitarI need some help on Blues Scale Chords in B flat? (Piano)?
Were doing some improv tommorow and my teacher wanted me to do a 12 bar scales of Bflat Blues chords. I need 4 B flat chords, 4 E flat chords, F7 chords, E flat 7 (chords) and Bb7 chords. I dont quite understand what these mean, maybe you guys know what the 7 stands for? Please help! Thank youIam a beginner piano player,but I need help.Iam trying to learn to play blues.chords,notes is awful. help?
Jazz blues scales for piano?
I need to improvise a section on piano and the two chords are Dmi11 and Cmi11. Could someone tell me what the blues scales are for those two keys?1 4 5 blues progression on piano?
I've been playing piano for about 7 years and I was recently taught by the band director at a local high school a 1 4 5 blues progression (c major) for jazz band auditions at my middle school. I'm not sure if I have the rhythm right though and I've tried Google but with little luck. Here are the notes: Left Hand: You start with C E G E G C (key of C) and then you play that four times. Then you move to the key of F and you play F A C A C F and play that two times. Then you play the key of C twice again. After that you play the key of G which is G B D B D G once. Then you play the F once more, and then end on the C. Right Hand: Here's the problem; I don't know when to play the left hand, and the guy who taught me this said is was pretty familiar in the blues world, so I hope somebody knows this. You play a C chord when you are playing the C chord progression, you play an F chord when you play the F progression, and a G chord while you play the G progression, but the thing is you play this chord as a staccato (at least that's what I think it was), after the last note of the progression, but I'm not positive. I know this is extremely confusing but I have no other way to explain it, please help me and videos and/or websites would be extremely helpful.

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